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Assamese Gamusa (Pack of 10)

SKU : JRT0100134

1. Description : The Gamosa ([gamusa]) is an article of significance for the indigenous people of Assam, India. It is generally a white rectangular piece of cloth with primarily a red border on three sides and red woven motifs on the fourth (in addition to red, other colors are also used). Although cotton yarn is the most common material for making/weaving gamosas, there are special occasion ones made from Pat silk, Tassar Silk & Muga Silk. Literally translated, it means 'something to wipe the body with' (Ga=body, musa=to wipe) however, interpreting the word gamosa as the body-wiping towel is misleading.

2. Type : Gamusa (Towel) Pack of Pieces 10.

3. Fabric : Cotton Blend.

4. Designs : This White Colour Pure Cotton Red Resham (Suta) Flower motifs, hand woven Gamusa from the North Eastern Paradise of India “Assam.”.

5. Colour : White.

Disclaimer : Slight Variations in the colour may be possible.

Rs. 4,000



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